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What are the services that you offer at MY DESIGN 360?

At MY DESIGN 360, we provide an array of online service such as logo design (monogram, Wordmarks, Pictorial Marks, Abstract logo marks, Mascot, and Emblem), website design (WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Magento, and Spotify), and development (CMS website, mobile application and eCommerce website).  We also offer a range of marketing services such as SEO, SMO and PPC. 

How can I buy your service or hire your experts?

In order to place your order or hire our experts, you can contact us via live chat support, email support, or contact us form. We will quote you a price based on your requirements and will share a payment link with you. You can also place your order by selecting a package on the Package page and checkout.

How do I avail more than one service together?

To avail or order more than one service together, you can either get a custom quote or just select and place orders for multiple packages of different services and checkout.

How can I place the order on MY DESIGN 360?

Order process on MY DESIGN 360 is easy and simple. To place your order, you can just select a package from our price page and checkout. You can also contact us for a payment link after discussing your requirements.

What are your service rates and prices?

Our prices and rates vary based on the services, features, and deadline. To get prices, you can check out our package or submit your custom requirements. We will evaluate your requirements and will quote accordingly. 

Can I pay the order amount in instalment?

Yes, depending on your requirements and total order amount, you may be offered to pay the amount in instalments. 

Do you offer a discount?

Yes, we offer discounts on different occasions. We can also offer an exclusive discount based on your bulk requirements.

How do you deliver the order?

Every order is delivered via email.

Will you assign a project manager on my project?

Yes, we assign a project manager who is working as a solo on your project or with a team.

Can I discuss my project with the project manager?

Yes, you can discuss your requirements with the project manager. You can get in touch with the project manager via email, phone call, live chat and contact us form.

When do you deliver the order?

Every time you place the order, we send you an email with a deadline.  

Do you revise my work if I don’t like the work?

If you want a change in your delivered project you can request us by sending us feedback in writing. We will send you a revised project in 3 to 4 business days or more depending on the requirements. Bear this in mind that for any change that is out of the scope of the project, we will charge extra for that.

Do you give the copyright of every work you do?

Yes, we give you 100% copyright of every work we deliver to you.